About the DSAA

The Dakota State Alumni Association (DSAA) helps our alumni stay informed about, keep connected to, and get involved with, their alma mater.

The DSAA hosts networking and professional gatherings, social events, and many more activities on the DSU campus, and across the country.

The DSAA keeps the spirit of Dakota State alive through its alumni. We want alumni to feel connected to the University so that you understand no matter where you are, DSU is with you.

Alumni Association Membership

Membership in the DSAA automatically includes all former students who have attended DSU for at least one academic year and/or have earned a minimum of 12 semester hours.

DSU communications are sent only to members of the Alumni Association who are considered to be active members. If a member does not have contact information on file at DSU, has requested to be excluded, or has had no DSU involvement within the past 30 years, he/she will be automatically excluded from certain communications.  If you believe you are on the inactive members list, please e-mail jona.schmidt@dsu.edu  with your current contact information and request to receive all DSU alumni communications.  

Alumni Association Meetings  

The Alumni Association holds its annual meeting on the DSU campus in the fall during Homecoming Weekend. All alumni are invited to attend to learn news from the Executive Committee, Alumni Board and the latest things going on within the Association. Watch the Alumni Weekend schedule for the date, time and location of the next annual meeting.           

Alumni Board 

The Alumni Board is led by the Alumni Association Executive Committee.  It is an elected body of DSU alumni volunteers who fulfill the provisions of the Association's bylaws.  The board makes decisions and takes all actions within the purview of the Association except those specifically requiring action by the Association.   

Members of the Alumni Board are elected, with the exception of the DSU Student Senate representative, who is appointed to the board by the Student Senate.

The Executive Committee is chaired by the Alumni Association president.

 Office of Alumni Relations  

With advice, leadership and volunteer support from the Alumni Association Executive Committee and Alumni Board, the DSU Office of Alumni Relations coordinates and sponsors opportunities for alumni to engage with DSU and stay connected to each other.  The Office of Alumni Relations is housed in the Alumni Welcome Center at the Kringen Foundation Building in Madison.


Last Updated: 7/17/13